Tuesday, October 28, 2008

3rd Quarter Filing reminder

For those of you who will need to file payroll forms & taxes, sales tax returns and use tax returns for the 3rd quarter 2008, remember this Friday October 31st is your postmark deadline.

All tax deposits to be called in using EFTPS systems will need to be called in on Thursday October 30th for withdrawal on Friday October 31st.

Some states offer discounts for the timely filing of tax reports and payments. The state of Missouri, for instance, offers a 2% discount on State withholding on payroll as well as sales tax amounts due. In other words, if you are paying your MO state withholding payment and have for example, $200 in withheld funds, making your payment timely will save you $4 and you will only have to send in $196. Pay timely, save money.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Tax deadline reminder!

Don't forget, tomorrow (10/15/08) is the deadline for filing tax returns which will still qualify for the stimulus package from the IRS. If you do not file your taxes until after this deadline, there will be no way to get the free money the IRS is handing out to you.

So what are you waiting for? Get ta filing!!!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

"Your donation is tax deductible"

Beware of ads claiming your donations are 'tax deductible'. Not everyone can itemize their deductions and itemizing is the ONLY way to claim donations of any kind. Keep in mind, if the value of the donation along with the other allowed deductions bump you up to a higher amount than your standard deduction, your higher amount will allow you to itemize where otherwise you might not be able to. I think they should change their ads to say, "Your donation could be tax deductible."

Standard Deductions vs. Itemized Deductions

When filing your personal income taxes, you have 2 options when claiming deductions: Standard Deduction OR Itemized Deductions. First, lets define 'deductions'. Deductions are allowable subtractions from your adjusted gross income that the IRS gives before applying your tax rate and determining how much tax you will owe.

Alot of factors determine which type of deduction plan you can take*. You can only claim donation amounts if you are able to Itemize your deductions. To determine if you can Itemize, using IRS 1040 form Schedule A, you would compile your totals for the various acceptable deductions according to the Schedule A instructions. When you arrive at a Total of Itemized deductions on line 29, compare this to the Standard Deduction according to your filing status (single, married filing joint, head of household etc.). If the Total of Itemized deductions is higher than the Standard deduction amount, congratulations, you can itemize!

But for those of us who don't have enough Itemized deductions to rise above the Standard, continue to contribute and give donations of all kinds! They still benefit the recipients, you just can't take if off of your taxes.