Tuesday, October 28, 2008

3rd Quarter Filing reminder

For those of you who will need to file payroll forms & taxes, sales tax returns and use tax returns for the 3rd quarter 2008, remember this Friday October 31st is your postmark deadline.

All tax deposits to be called in using EFTPS systems will need to be called in on Thursday October 30th for withdrawal on Friday October 31st.

Some states offer discounts for the timely filing of tax reports and payments. The state of Missouri, for instance, offers a 2% discount on State withholding on payroll as well as sales tax amounts due. In other words, if you are paying your MO state withholding payment and have for example, $200 in withheld funds, making your payment timely will save you $4 and you will only have to send in $196. Pay timely, save money.

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